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Sun oppose Pluto

Gut hunger and creative expression today balance out

In precise equilibrium and greatest polarization.

Looking inward,

shining fire

into the gut hunger,

the heart hunger.

Balancing at polarization-

What do I really magnetize?

What does my healthy ego want?

How do I shine?

How do I heal myself?

What's my power and how do I channel it?

Current problem reframed as a lesson

necessary to digest and favourably integrate.

The apparent limitation is a task

a mission to be solved with flying colors in everyone's favor.

Allowing everyone their proper props

Honoring each thus fueling the vessel of our consciousness.

I must touch the pain to heal it.

The pain is there, it is legitimate,

it has a voice, and it needs space to grieve.

Then it let's up and no longer bothers us,

until of course we neglect its primary life affirming need.

The elixir is in the venom

We must enter the cave.

Face the dragon to tame it

Harmonize with it

Hold it with reigns as I give it space.

I have fun riding it,

It's actually on my side and needs my command.

It's only a matter of what I do with it.

I embrace in the dragon the parts I view

unworthy, needy and pitiful.

I protect these parts from the inner critic-

the internalized judging voice riding us in our heads perpetually,

an outdated program needing deletion.

I nurture all screams for attention,

I no longer deny and neglect them,

They hold the very power I so desperately need.

I give it space and a healthy container,

it no roams free unsupervised

Now it coexists and cooperates with

all other life-empowering needs and values.

I tend to those needs intently,

Or when neglected they act up.

I examine them

Now they no longer run the show

I nourish and nurture them with affection

in a life-promoting way.

I intend to tend to

all my inner processes.

Conscious and Unconscious.

Since they all run me anyway.

Most of my programs urgently need upgrades,

updates, reformats and virus protection.

Continuously healing

While fully living

Where our higher self

Operates, orchestrates.

Letting my vulnerabilities live

Right in front,

in my clear focus.

All parts, programs and dragons

talk to each other like instruments in an orchestra.

I am the conductor,

And whichever is out of tune I care for and tune into.

Ahh, those lovely and worthwhile oppositions and squares,

How could we ever grow without them?

So much heat, energy and charge in them

Beaming life force,

Running through our authentic heart channel.

Bringing peace, sense of safety and belonging.

Embodying, materializing and channelling in step with divine rhythm

Empowering our legitimate purpose of being-

To integrate, self-realize and self-propagate,

Contribute, co-create, collaborate.


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