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Men's Shadow-Work Group

Men's shadow work groups are a type of therapeutic or personal growth-oriented group where men come together to explore and work on their "shadow," which refers to the aspects of themselves that they have repressed, denied, or hidden from conscious awareness. The work takes place in a safe and supportive space for men to delve into their unconscious patterns, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that may be causing difficulties in their lives.

The purpose of men's shadow work groups is to help men gain self-awareness, insight, and healing by confronting and integrating their shadow aspects. Once the shadow elements have been uncovered, digested and re-integrated, they become valuable assets contributing to our authenticity and wholeness of being rather than stifling and impeding them. Shadow work can include exploring topics such as anger, shame, addiction, trauma, and relationship dynamics. Through group discussion, experiential exercises, embodiment work, and individual reflection, men can learn to identify and understand the underlying causes of their struggles and gain tools and strategies for addressing them.

Men's shadow work groups can be especially valuable for men who are seeking deeper self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal growth, as well as those who have experienced trauma, addiction, or other challenges in their lives. By working with others who are on a similar journey, men can build a sense of community, support and accountability so tremedously beneficial for healthy individuation, self-realization and integration as we navigate the complexities of our inner and outer world.

Saturday, July 20th, 2024, @ 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT 

Limited to 6 men

Cost $25

venmo @LeonItskov - paypal @leonitskov

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