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2024 Spring Eclipses

The eclipse portals are opening, lifting the veils between the visible and the invisible, this world and other worlds. Events speed up, changes that have been brewing for months take place, and the inevitable becomes real.

We are in the thick of the most powerful period of the first half of the year marked by the eclipse portal of March and April. This very intense period was initiated by the spring Equinox on March 19th (USA) and 20th (Europe) when the Sun entered Aries and all the planets moved direct, which means that the energy of each planet manifests full force forward.

A PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs on March 25th, 2024, at 3:00 AM, at 5°07′ Libra. 

The Lunar eclipse sweeps across parts of Antarctica, western half of Africa, western Europe, Atlantic Ocean, Americas, Pacific Ocean, Japan, and eastern half of Australia. A Lunar Eclipse is a super, super Full Moon and brings certain situations to a definite end.


In our personal lives, the way we have been balancing our relationships with our loved ones, and especially with our significant others, may no longer be working. We may consider whether we are perhaps too accommodating or overly demanding to our partner and to our intimates, and in what areas. The Lunar Eclipse pushes us to see the pushover within and to what extent our shadow parts or conditioning have been contributing to it.

Aries-Libra is the axis of me versus you, my autonomy and independence versus my cooperation, compromise and feeling equal in the relationship or partnership. The Lunar Eclipse propels us to face the part of ourselves that is overly accommodating and gives up ground for the sake of keeping peace, causing us to transform that energy into the Sacred Warrior within. This is an eclipse in which we may come to more self-love, self-appreciation, discarding what is “not ours” and reclaiming our sovereignty and authenticity. Speaking up where we have not before. It can be very refreshing to show my partner more of myself and it can give the relationship a very new, healthy and positive dynamic. Being stuck in unconscious established patterns creates certain psychological mindsets and dynamics which stand in the way of growth and evolution until they become conscious, and some effort is committed to transforming them and channeling the energies on a more responsible vibration. Reclamation of who I am, what I want, what I need and agree to, brings ease, boundaries and clarity, where all parties understand where each stands. More boldness, more guts, more assertiveness, more saying what's on your mind, more healthy Martian qualities in me, shows courage and vulnerability to be seen and accepted as I am, leading to deeper intimacy and relationality.  If you have been hiding your sovereignty and creativity, this eclipse calls for a drastic overhaul precisely to take charge of the quality of the relationship. It urges us to question our relationships and evaluate if the balance between individuality and cooperation is healthy. If it is not, this is exactly what this Lunar eclipse is urging us to address. Long-ago established patterns, usually unconsciously based on our parental role models, now begin to show their cracks, so that the discomfort and frustration will fuel the necessary change to bring the relational axis into alignment. 

During this eclipse time, as the energy is quite palpable, the change can be external or internal, leading to an immediate change or planting those seeds of freedom that will grow towards healthy individuation and authenticity going forward. Whether we are stuck in unhealthy relationships with others or ourselves, the dysfunction will become evident and eventually unbearable, leading to ruptures, quitting and separations if overly unbearable or unresolved. Now is the time to dive deeper into those patterns we have grown up with that are blocking and inhibiting us from being fully ourselves in a relationship to the other. Once we explore what and how has not been functional, with awareness and practice we can manifest a new consciousness for ourselves that is based on self-love and self-respect, so that I can also give the best of myself to another. While allowing and respecting the same sovereignty and authenticity of the person I am in relationship with.

On a transpersonal level, the Lunar Eclipse of March 25th, with the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries, our intolerance and frustration with armed conflicts, casualties and wars is growing. Libra is the sign of “the other”, and of what is lacking in me, and what I need from the other; acknowledging and understanding of what I am lacking, what I do not have but need, which if implemented in a healthy way leads to healthy exchange and balanced cooperation.

This means that the way we as humanity have sought peace is no longer working. The current attempts to attain peace are definitely coming to no fruition. The path forward right now is mired with overattachment to the past. The new paradigm of peace must recognize the fact that the conflicting parties are not going anywhere, and going forward they must find a way to recognize each other’s right to exist and find a way to co-exist. 

A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE will occur on April 8th, 2024, at 2:21 PM, at 19°24′ Aries. 

The total solar eclipse will begin over the South Pacific Ocean and will cross North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

And even though it will pass over a certain area of the world, we all will feel it to some extent or another, especially those that have planets in their natal charts at or around 19 degrees of Aries and Libra. The Total Solar Eclipse will be visible in the USA. A Solar Eclipse is a super, super New Moon and ushers in a completely new beginning. 

2017 also saw a Total Solar Eclipse sweeping over the USA, and with the upcoming eclipse of April 8th, they will form together an X across the USA that has already been much talked about. Parts of Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky will be the nexus of the Total Solar Eclipse that occurred in the U.S in 2017, and the one that will take place on April 8th, 2024. An area that gets two total solar eclipses in just seven years is a truly remarkable and significant occurrence, indicating some form of a split or rupture.

In both eclipses, the conjunction of Chiron with the North Node in Aries plays the leading role. Chiron in Aries symbolizes the wounded masculine warrior and reveals that archetype in all of us personally as well as globally. When Chiron entered Aries, the #MeToo movement was born and misaligned men have since been falling. As Chiron has been progressing through Aries, the wars are also raging, despite all of our progress and evolution. A wound keeps bleeding when it does not heal. And heal we must and the time is now. 

Aries and its ruler Mars is war, beginnings, endings, and ruptures, and it is also individuation, sovereignty, and creativity. Chiron in Aries triggers this eclipse, and the primal wound of humanity that has to do with war, aggression and violence. War has been waged since time immemorial and has caused untold suffering and trauma, seeding more Karma to repeat itself. 

However, the evolutionary purpose of Aries and Mars is healthy individuation, it is the right to exist. Currently, Ukrainians, Israelis and Palestinians all are fighting for their right to exist. Mars in all of us is our separateness, uniqueness, individuality, sovereignty, independence. It is our self-defense and it is our engine which when push comes to shove prompts us to stand up for ourselves and defend what’s ours. Mars is our healthy anger, our moral fire. Mars gets activated when we feel thwarted, threatened or offended. Mars and Chiron in Aries is a Sacred Warrior who stands up in the face of attack and protects boundaries. Anger in itself is neither good nor bad. The evolutionary purpose of anger is to indicate to us that our boundaries are crossed or we are being threatened or disrespected. Healthy Mars can say “I do not like it”, or a simple”Stop” or “No, thank you”, unless more drastic measures are required, in which case Mars is very capable as well. Unhealthy Mars morphs anger into aggression, ill-will, contempt, hatred and violence, and that is what we are all bearing witness to as it exacerbates without end in sight, to the point of climax, all in order for us to finally learn and change the narrative. 

When it comes to Ukraine, it is clear cut that it is fighting for its existence in the face of a brutal aggressor. If the timidity of the certain European establishment comes from a concern of not upsetting Putin, the consequences are dire and threaten their free and comfortable existence, as the lesson from dealing with Hitler last century have not been learned. If not stopped, Putin will keep going. As the bully when not stopped will keep bullying, as will the abuser will keep abusing. As for Israelis and Palestinians, what matters is that in order to go forward, both will need to find a way to allow each other to exist and therefore must learn to eventually coexist, otherwise the conflict and strife will only spread like wildfire. 

Saturn will enter Aries in 2025 and will meet Neptune at 0 degree of Aries in 2026. The fire of the wars we are witnessing now could very well intensify to a much larger scale, unless we heed the lessons at hand.


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