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Post-Eclipse Planetary Alignment: Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction in Taurus on April 20-21

Uranus and Jupiter have been steadily moving forward through Taurus, approaching their inevitable conjunction on April 20th, against the backdrop of angry farmers staging sometimes violent protests across the continent. The farmers say they are stuck in a losing battle of competing with cheap imports from outside the bloc, many of which come from Ukraine. They also say they are  rattled by higher-than-normal fuel costs as well as environmental regulations from Brussels.

Taurus represents earth, matter, resources, what we value, finances, our body, farmers, agriculture, farming, produce and food. Jupiter seeks expansion and Uranus promotes solutions. The similarity between Jupiter and Uranus is that both inherently yearn for growth. The conjunction on April 20th indicates some form of resolution in this regard, as well as several others. The discomfort of Taurus changing is what we have been observing when it comes to the disgruntled farmers, because Taurus does not like change and wants to keep things as they are.  Jupiter wants meaning and Uranus wants evolution and progress.  In order to move forward from the outdated, long ago agreed upon systems which no longer work in the current circumstances, change is inevitable. Example being, integration of other countries into the single European market will necessarily update and shake up the prices, quotas and subsidies. 

The intent for the April conjunction is to find a balanced medium between what the farmers need to sustain the profitability of their trade, while upgrading and finding new solutions for the expanding market of tomorrow. Farming is and must remain relevant, profitable and well remunerated. Farming is hard work requiring much effort, commitment and dedication. In my own explorations, I have come across more and more people moving to farms, living on farms and developing new sustainable, regenerative, and environmentally beneficial practices. Some of the most innovative and progressive work has been happening in farming. 

Some of the most powerful personal work for body, mind and spirit has also been happening on the farms more and more. 

In nature, firmly rooted on the ground, communities sing and hold prayers for expanding their cosmic consciousness. Taurus, Jupiter and Uranus is Earth meets the Truth of the Sky.

Other developments may include digital currencies becoming more and more established, as in Bitcoin’s next halving in April, as well as reduction in inflationary pressure, new and more streamlined ways of using resources, and better medical solutions. 

The overall intent is to bring the balance between Earth and Sky.


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