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I had a wonderful experience learning more about my life through my astrological signs. Leon was very informative, willing to answers any questions, sweet, kind and is very knowledgeable in his expertise. Money well spent! Definitely will book an appointment again!

Ace G.

I had an Astrology reading with Leon , over zoom. It was incredible! I loved every minute of it. Leon, gave me clear and fulfilling information in regards to my past lives and my astrology chart . He’s very knowledgeable, insightful and a gentle spirit! I highly recommend him to anyone, that wants to understand their astrology chart.

Demarie H.

What can i say, other than amazing and life changing! I will never forget my reading from Leon in early 2018. He told me there would be a major shift in 2020 that would affect the World. He told me i would be living in the country in nature and find "home". There's so many great things he predicted and i listened to every word. We sold our home and business and moved to the country (early 2018)mins. My family and i are so grateful to be here. Leon had prepared us for 2020 so we could cope better with Covid19, lockdowns. Thank you Leon, I'll be forever grateful

Bretagne P.

I attended a Wellness conference in the New York area in November of 2019, and randomly sat in front of a very open and engaging soul. His name was Leon, and he truly changed my world - not by promising me things that he knew would happen, but by guiding me to what was possible if the work was done. At that time, I was in a very confused and hazy point, lacking in direction and purpose. Through the gift of his brand of evolutionary astrology, Leon offered me avenues and ways of thinking and feeling that led me to even greater pursuits. I have since launched a new business venture that feels promising. As the saying goes, "If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade." In my case, Leon helped me see golden rays of hope.

Savio C.

Leon's dedication to help people is amazing.  He's been helping me to understand my self in so many different ways in my life. His work is accurate, his advice are inspiring to approach hard situations in the best way possible. Thank you Leon for being in my life. I will recommend to many further on.

Magda P.

Leon was very on point and chillingly accurate with my life events. He helped me make a weighing decision regarding my career with comfort, ease and delicate guidance. I will definitely seek his advice/direction again.

Roseanne M.

Right on. Very kind. Gave me peace of mind. Not only intellectual but extremely spiritual. The reading from Leon I came away with an inner peace. Also, I know I can reach out to him at any time for reassurance.

Izzy G.

“What can I say about Leon, there is no need to convince others about his service. He is one of the most patient and understanding people I have ever met, and has well earned that title throughout our sessions. Without judgement, he is able to consult me about personal matters and help me come to my own conclusions, with resources for further insight. I consider him a friend. Leon is flexible and provides a great space to explore answers to whatever you are looking for in a session. A unique approach. Definitely worth a try! 

Vemir V.

My session with Leon was very genuine. He’s a very down to earth person. I found a myriad of clarity by his wisdom; he displayed strategies to help me along my journey. I highly recommend booking a session with him. :)

Nathalie N.

Leon has helped me on several different occasions to better understand myself and my life through the lens of astrology. Most recently, he used astrocartography to help me consider the upside and downside potentials of a big life change (a major change of residence).. Leon delivers clear, concise and very applicable information and translates his knowledge of the stars and planets in a way that is easily understood by anyone and everyone. His passion, knowledge and warm, down-to-earth personality make for an enjoyable, memorable and light-hearted experience even when discussing the heavier aspects of planetary influences on one's life. I highly recommend Leon as a skilled astrologist for professional consultations in the NYC metro-area. Thanks Leon!

Derrick L.

I am so appreciative of Leon taking time out of his schedule to meet with me and talk about what's been going on in my life. He thoroughly explained what my chart was showing and why certain events happened and what they are leading to, resonating 100% with my current situation and what my long term goals are. I felt a sense of peace and calmness as we spoke and I woke up feeling as good as new the next morning, having a clearer mindset. Very, very kind and truly exceptional at what he does, Leon gives guidance based on your journey and helps you understand how to approach your transformation into the person you are meant to be. Thank you so much Leon!

Ashlyn H.

Leon is an extremely insightful and kind evolutionary astrologist. He studies your chart very carefully and thoughtfully. I have found him grounding and enlightening and continue to consult him from time to time. I highly recommend him.

Ying-Ying Y.

Leon was right on target in confirming where I am currently in my life and offered sound advice to improve my relationship! It was a great experience!

Debbie S.

I’ve had my chart done by many others. Your chart is your chart... it doesn’t change— it’s the reading of your chart that makes all the difference. Leon’s attention to detail, keen observations, and intuitive interpretations are unsurpassed. Aside of all that— he is easy to talk to and genuinely interested in helping with whatever area of your life you have questions about. Highly recommended!!

Chrissy B.

I recently had an Evolutionary Astrology session with Leon. It was my very first experience, and what an amazing experience it was! Leon's presence is gentle - yet strong, grounded, clear and calm. He listens and understands deeply, and this is reflected by the questions he asks or a comment that he makes. His communication style is open, honest and very compassionate. Although this was my first experience, Leon communicated very skillfully as to what he saw in my chart in a way that made sense to me; as I was not familiar with some of the terms he used. As he was sharing the insights with me, it was as if he had known me all of my life - I felt seen and heard on a very deep level. There was a lot of resonance with what he saw in my chart and I experienced a deep sense of gratitude for the journey of my own life - even the messes! The session helped me to understand more clearly the totality of my life...and I have a greater sense in navigating the way ahead. I look forward to future sessions with Leon, and highly recommend this life-enriching/enhancing service. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Leon.

Kathy J.

As a health care practitioner of 36 years very much interested in life coaching, hypnotherapy and astrology, I find Leon's work very clean and to the point. His evolutionary astrology is very unique and different than anything I've experienced in astrology; it focuses on life lessons and direction of the soul. Leon is an excellent listener and a very kind man who exudes honesty and wisdom.

Robert K.

I highly recommend Leon Itskov. He has proven to be very insightful and compassionate. Leon's support and revelations of previously hidden dynamics have provided me with relief, understanding and ability to better control my life and navigate more consciously the circumstances I'm in. His medical background is definitely a plus because his perspective of the individual and the human condition is broader and more holistic. I definitely encourage anyone to seek his counsel and expertise!

Fernando P.

This man does his research and is great at putting things into perspective! Good balance between validation and intellectualizing situations/emotions. I learned a lot from him!

Jana O.

Wow, I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Leon. He is talented, thorough and intuitive.My session was both enjoyable and proved to be a catalyst in a major life transition. Leon accurately predicted that something profound would present itself in September and like magic it unfolded.I will defined stay connected to Leon as a resource on my journey!

Steve C.

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