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Consultations/ Sessions

Inner Work

55 min $175

Mining the trauma is the through way to heal it.  Once healed it is not longer affecting us nor are we under it's unconscious control.  The trauma hides in the dark places.  It's a place of self-contraction, tension and regression.  The behaviours activated by trauma which is unconscious or otherwise denied, escaped, numbed or dissociated from present themselves in the form of a Shadow.  Where certain behaviours, emotions, thoughts or actions lead to dysfunction, chaos and suffering.  Unhealed past, whether our own or ancestral, ends up being passed on to the ones we love around us.  Once the trama is reintegrated, the energy and resources to our system are much more widely available.  Our unhealed traumas hold us back, keep us small and control.  Once faced and healed, the energy blocked by it previously is amply available for necessary growth, expansion, integration and self-realization.  reconnecting with your original intent and igniting the spark of you true nature.  Anything hidden chronically sabotages our satisfaction, success and fulfillment.  Inside the depth past the monsters there are pearls.  As if the outside boundary has been fractured open and the original true light now becomes conscious of its ever present interconnection with the Divine Truth.


Natal Study and one Year Ahead

55 min $195

In depth examination of the higher intent of the soul.  Life lessons, challenges and the Purpose.  Gifts and talents from the past as well as the capacities to nurture, cultivate and develop for a healthy future self integration.  The divine unique self is revealed clearer for better self-understanding and more successful life navigation, harmonization and realization.  The growth towards higher awareness, life mastery and co-creation.  This in-depth discussion is frank and as cognitive as it is emotional, physical and spiritual. The Inner Work sessions sink the mental understanding into emotional wisdom.  Working on a more elemental psychic level.  The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are integrating into an aligned Whole.  Where our Earth, Air, Water and Fire are composing a flexible, adaptable, versatile, intelligent, resilient, responsible, sensitive, capable, skillful, trusting, flowing, meaningful Higher Self.

Natal Study

Relatioship Dynamic

75 min $275

Deeper clarity on the meaning of your relationships.  The sense and reason for beings and their energies emerging in your reality.  Partners, couples, parents, children, siblings, colleagues, etc.  

Patterns, dynamics and attitudes that make or break our connection with another.  Understanding of the significance of another's presence in our life.  Which relationships plague us and which are the ones that bring us safety and stimulation.  Tools and consciousness to navigate, manage, enjoy, have boundaries and harmonize in authenticity, sovereignty and deep intimacy.

Relationship Reading


55 min $175

Astrocartography, also known as locational astrology or astrogeography, is a technique that uses astrology to identify favorable and unfavorable locations around the world for an individual based on their birth chart. The premise behind astrocartography is that the position of the planets at the time of an individual's birth can influence their life experiences and the energy of different locations around the world can amplify or diminish certain planetary influences in their chart.

Astrocartography involves creating a map of the world that overlays an individual's birth chart, and then analyzing the astrological influences that are present in different locations. The map is divided into twelve sections, each corresponding to one of the twelve astrological signs, and each location on the map is assigned a planetary influence based on the astrological energies present in that area.

For example, if an individual has a strong Jupiter influence in their birth chart, astrocartography may identify locations around the world where Jupiter is prominent and likely to enhance their experiences in areas related to luck, abundance, and spirituality. Conversely, if an individual has a challenging Saturn influence in their chart, astrocartography may identify locations where Saturn is strong and likely to create obstacles or challenges in areas related to career or relationships.

Astrocartography can be a valuable tool for individuals who are seeking to make a major life change, such as moving to a new city or starting a new business. By identifying favorable and unfavorable locations based on their birth chart, individuals can make more informed decisions about where to live or where to travel, and can potentially avoid locations where challenging planetary influences may be amplified.

While astrocartography can provide valuable insights, it's important to note that it's not a definitive predictor of an individual's experiences in different locations. Many factors can influence an individual's experiences, including personal choices, cultural differences, and local conditions that may not be reflected in the birth chart. As with any astrological tool, astrocartography should be used in conjunction with other forms of guidance and should not be relied upon as the sole factor in decision-making.

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