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February 14 - Mars meets Pluto.

Intensity is building towards a culmination of Mars and Pluto meeting at 0 degree of Aquarius on February 14th. The inescapable and urgent change necessary to recharge our power.

Mars and Pluto themes embrace the battles to live, to exist and to transform, coming to the edge of our power and facing death and rebirth, confrontation for the sake of transfiguration.


Last time Mars came in conjunction with Pluto was on March 1-2 of 2022, the world woke up to the largest military conflict in Europe since World War 2. In the days leading up to this conjunction Russia’s military invaded and brutally assailed Ukraine, threatening the survival of it as a sovereign state, its heritage, culture, people and future. This was the second chapter of Russian blunt and violent disregard for international law and order, after illegally occupying Crimea in 2014. Putin, as the evil face of a corrupt, dictatorial, mafia regime emboldened by the meekness, naivete and passivity of the spineless western heads of states, threatened our reality, resources, world order, and peace as we know it. 

The upcoming February 14 Mars Pluto conjunction we are experiencing already. Something in the previous nearly two-year cycle is coming to completion, while a seed for the new effort and transformation is planted. 

Internal struggle in the Ukrainian government between the President and its chief armed forces commander is spilling into the public view, indicating internal discontent and frustration.

Washington’s inner division and impotence to implement border policy along with aid to Ukraine, as well as the events in the Middle East, Red sea and farmer’s protests in Europe are boiling over to it’s full intensity.

Mars Pluto conjunction indicates willfulness, enormous power, confrontation, upheaval, sexual magnetism and rejection, deep concentration and focus to persevere and survive in the face of challenges, limitations and injustice. This can and will play out on the global stage as well as in our personal lives.

Aquarius relates to groups, associations, political parties, friends, technology, common people, progress, higher mind and evolution. Mars meeting Pluto in Aquarius seeds assertiveness by means of logic, constructive criticism, confrontation of ideas, and leads to separating from the groups, friends and parties who no longer share our ideas, setting us off on our own or with new allies to initiate progress of our common goals and ideas, higher education and embrace of new perspectives.

As one of the most intense events of the year, the evolutionary purpose of this conjunction positively can lead to a completion of the old ways we used to empower and assert ourselves and initiate a new chapter of finding solutions to equality and civility, bringing our minds together and forming communities and alliances that promote higher values and ideals.

Do we get confrontational and fight one another or do we come to an agreement that all of us need a more civil and friendly future. Do we keep killing and turning on each other or can we understand that we are all on this tiny rock we call Earth flying through space together.

This is a chance to jumpstart the empowerment and elevation by means of perspective, clear mind and solution oriented conversations. Pluto enters Aquarius ushering in an age of advancement in science and technology, better societies, elevation of masses from poverty, discoveries in outer space, and an understanding that when the ones on the bottom get better conditions, education, adequate social services everyone else benefits as well.

Solar eclipse on April 8th and the Uranus conjunction of Juptier in Taurus on April 20th will bring the next chapter of this eventful year. For now, will it be a breakthrough or breakdown, death or rebirth.

The choice is ours.


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