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Mars moves into Aries, instigating confrontation, action, change, rupture, creativity, endings and new beginnings.

On April 30th Mars moves into Aries as it separates from its recent conjunctions with Saturn and then Neptune on April 28th at 28 degree of Pisces, where the overall energy has been that of pent up inertness, dissatisfaction and impotence to move forward.

Mars in Aries is like having a rocket strapped to your back! Mars, the planet of action, energy, and acceleration, feels right at home in the fiery sign of Aries, which is its traditional ruler. This transit imbues us with not only a strong drive, assuredness, and initiative to pierce through resistance, but also with fire of frustration over current circumstances to fuel it. Mars in Aries empowers us to boldness, competitiveness, and fearlessness in the pursuit of our goals. It is impulsive, passionate, confrontational and enthusiastic. Tempering the recklessness and channeling the energy constructively can be a useful evolutionary lesson in the upcoming weeks.

In relationships, the energy is passionate and direct, and may need to be diffused with patience and listening skills to ensure effective communication. 

Mars in Aries will inevitably bring up anger, which presents us with plenty of opportunities to experience it, explore it, work with it, and learn to trust it as a useful ally and protector of our boundaries and sovereignty. Learning to work with anger skillfully requires it to be filled with as much fierceness as with compassion and heart, thus becoming a sacred moral fire instead of a harsh and sloppy aggressive earth-scorcher.

Mars conjuncts the North Node of the Moon on and around May 19th, and channels its immense energy through this nodal portal. Anger, change, ruptures, endings and new beginnings are possible. A powerful opportunity and the evolutionary intent is to make a shift, make a new start, work with anger and understand its essential purpose of setting and enforcing boundaries in a clear, compassionate and direct way, without turning into aggression, ill-will, violence or contempt. It is a pivotal point to leave behind whatever is not serving us, and jump into our personal next developmental stage imbued with uniqueness and authenticity.

Mars meets Chiron at the 22nd degree of Aries on May 29th. Sharp objects, cuts, pain, wounded masculinity and harsh actions are front and center. The evolutionary intent is to take action in the name of change, make effort to heal the wounds, confront our fears, and step into our courage to be agents of change for the sake of alignment with the Truth.

June 2nd Mars meets Eris and the Moon at the 25th degree of Aries.

Eris is a relatively newly discovered dwarf planet in the outer solar system, named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord. In astrology, Eris is associated with themes of disruption, tumult, and the exposure of truth, often through chaotic or unexpected means.

When Mars, the planet of action and enterprise, forms a conjunction with Eris, it can intensify these disruptive tendencies. We may feel a strong urge to shake things up, challenge authority, or rebel against established norms and structures. There is a propensity to be drawn to causes or movements that aim to create change or expose injustices in society.

On a personal level, Mars conjunct Eris can induce a fiercely independent and rebellious energy. There is a strong aversion to being controlled or constrained and resist any attempts to limit our freedom or autonomy. There is a tendency towards confrontational behavior or a quick temper when feeling provoked or challenged. This conjunction can also bestow the courage and determination needed to stand up for what is right and fight against oppression or injustice.

When channeled constructively, the energy of Mars conjunct Eris can be a powerful force for positive change and transformation. Learning to harness this energy in a balanced and mindful way can be key to unlocking its full potential.

Mars enters Taurus on June 9 as it is within a degree of squaring Pluto.

Then on June 11th, Mars moves into a ninety degree angle with Pluto in Aquarius.

Pluto symbolizes re-empowerment through the overcoming of limitations, and the challenges we are presented with in order to grow. Mars square Pluto is an intense aspect that brings together the defiant, action-oriented energy of Mars with the transformative, power-driven energy of Pluto. When these two planets form a square aspect, it signifies a significant tension between the desire for personal empowerment and the need to navigate power dynamics and control issues.

On the positive side, Mars square Pluto can provide us with the courage and resilience needed to confront deep-seated fears. It can indicate a capacity for profound personal growth as we learn to harness the transformative energy of Pluto in engaging the challenges we face, thus moving from disempowerment to renewal.

Ultimately, navigating Mars square Pluto requires self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a willingness to confront the deeper layers of the psyche. By doing so, we can mobilize the powerful energy of this aspect to effect positive change, personal empowerment and rightful activism.

As Mars transits through Aries and culminates in its square to Pluto, there will be more unexpected news of conflicts flaring up on the world stage, exacerbations of the confrontations at the university campuses, Middle East, Trump's courtroom, global political stage, economic news, as well as frontlines in Ukraine. With the delivery of US arms to Ukraine just in time for Mars’s entry into Aries, the battlefield will once again be fierce and fiery.


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