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More on Ukraine.

Ukraine’s chart has Chiron, Vesta, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus conjunction in Leo

Capped by Sun in zero degree of Virgo.

Fierce, proud, generous, independent and life-loving characteristics.

The war’s beginning was marked last February by Neptune

moving into opposition to Ukraine’s natal Mars at 24 degrees 57 minutes of Virgo.

Neptune will leave this opposition in February 2024.

Until then, Ukraine’s power, strength, and self-defense are tested.


Transiting Mars is moving away from the opposition to Ukraine’s natal Mars,

Giving respite from the peak of confrontation that took place in May.

Effectively pushing off the aggressor’s advance,

Stabilizing the situation short term.

From here we hold ground and start pushing back,

Mars transits through Aries trining Ukraine’s natal stellium in Leo.

As the new armaments arrive and are implemented.

Early July, Mars moves into a square to Leo, until end of August,

The battle and tension is increasing..

July 31/Aug 1 Uranus conjuncts Mars and North Node,

An unexpected, turning point.

Widening up the scope,

Saturn now retrogrades in opposition to Ukraine’s Leo cluster and will move forward again in October to confront that cluster until December 2023.

November 2024 Pluto moves out of Capricorn for good,

Completing its destruction of the corrupt and misaligned authorities.

Feb 2026 transiting Pluto completes its conjunction to Ukraine’s natal Saturn,

New government, new legacy, new strength, new sovereignty re-empowered.


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