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Moon traveling through Aries.

In Pisces, I was one with everything,

In Aries, now I emerge from the universal womb

I self-extricate, I separate, I individuate, I alienate- I am one, I am unique.

I self-ignite, self-propel, self-actualize,

I have a Self.

I have impulse

I have choice.

I like, I don’t like

This feels good, that feels bad

This I need, that I don’t.

This I want, that I won’t.

My instinct is powerful,

My gut knows in split second.

I’m courageous - I act,

I am charged and I make effort,

I lead, I jump, I push, I create

I fight, I brave, I defend, I isolate.

My sword is sharp,

My aim is on point,

My conviction is total

There's fire in my loins.

I am a warrior of light

I project myself forward.

I sharpen my gaze on my own reactivity

My own defensiveness, my uprooting, my quitting,

my abruptness, my leaving, my splitting.

What need of mine needs to be satisfied when I am angry?

What do I start and don’t finish?

Can I see from another’s perspective?

Do I forget that, as separate as I sometimes feel,

I am actually always part of the greater whole?

Within which, I am a spark of individual consciousness

Participating and acting as part of a grander scheme.


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