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My Shadow

When we turn towards our shadow, explore and work with the previously hidden, we lift veils and uninhibit the light to our own spark, we break free from the reactive urges and conditioning that have been previously driving and binding us. Accessing each layer of shadow, we become conscious and lift layers uncovering our true self. We come alive, we live in the now.

In the past, when facing trauma, pain and suffering, an intelligent, age-appropriate response helped us cope with it. Nowadays that very coping behaviour may be actually outdated, detrimental and unlikely to serve our best mature interests. It is in those unexplored territories we find the light and awareness. Crisis usually prompts growth and creativity. Fighting, neglecting or denying a crisis results in only more pain. Accepting responsibility for life lessons and growing from them aligns us with life. Every act creates karma, every challenge is an opportunity to know oneself better, every discomfort unveils our core needs. As we live from our core and harmonize with universal flow, now we are on the wave instead of drowning or crashing into it. As we progress from innocence, neglect and taking life for granted we gain awareness, responsibility and thus control to manage life in a more skillful way. The deeper we dive into our own darkness, the more conscious our vessel becomes, providing firmness, grounding and stability to expand upward and outward.

My approach is to enliven the journey. In a supportive, nurturing and skillful manner we piece the past, safeguard the inner child, neutralize the inner critic, explore the unconscious and unshackle ourselves from the burdens of familial, social and ancestral conditioning. A birth chart is a phenomenal tool aiding in unveiling and affirming one's true full potential and the road map to get there. In it, we can see the character structure, innate capacities, strengths, talents, pitfalls and lessons. Taking the evolutionary approach we confirm that each chart signature is a guidepost to becoming aware and aligned with our soul growth. As the soul grows through each incarnation, we assume greater awareness to return and contribute to the great mystery voluntarily in a conscious, co-creative and responsible way.


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