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Ukraine is on a mission

Painfully and eventually overcoming the aggressor,

Ukraine must implement a thriving economy.

Eradicating pervasive corruption, graft, and misaligned authorities – another war in itself.

The economy and influx of funds and resources must be effectively and skillfully managed.

Education, economy, tax, social, justice, government systems and finances must be transparent and at the forefront of advancement.

Ukraine must reform, modernize, and implement progress to stay alive and relevant.

It must face its own shadow to survive. It must touch the pain to heal it.

For now, it's mercilessly losing its sons and daughters in the name of the Truth.

Bleeding for Good,

Thwarting off evil.

While most of the rest of the world is worrying about its own interests. Feeling the Scorpio South Node pain in its own way.

The forgetting and separation is evident,

Unity and interconnectedness is the only way to evolve.

Witnessing the war not from another continent or from across the border,

But right here in my own home, in my own heart.

The war and the dysfunctional way the world is addressing it

Is another symptom of misaligned and corrupt authorities,

And values of profit and gain.

The bully has been brazenly sharpening it’s poison laden saber for years,

While the west was looking the other way, enriching it and legitimizing it.


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