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The Shadowlands

Scorpio Season, and the Lunar Eclipse.

The Shadowlands.

Entering the darkness, the pain.

Life itself brings us there inevitably

Or we can choose to enter it willingly.

Either way,

Enter it we must.

Touching the pain, turning towards our own suffering

Allows us to heal it and grow stronger as a result.

I enter the Dragon's cave,

The portal into my own subconscious.

It’s murky, slimy and disgusting,

All the shortcomings that I must outgrow!

I see my own weakness, the reasons for being rejected,

Deserted, unloved and abandoned.

Yet, this is the very key to my superpower,

The coveted torch of faith, promise and hope, experienced in Sagittariland

Is mined along the path of my own Darkness.

In healing my pain I get a new chance,

Cradling my trauma I reassure the primal intent,

Thus igniting the fuel of transformaregeneration.


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