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Putin's ambitions

On the eve of Mr. Putin's Mars return, the latest headlines of an imminent invasion of Ukraine are ever so present. Will we wake up tomorrow to find out that what the US intelligence sources have been warning about has finally happened?

Mr. Putin is born with natal Mars position at 25 degrees 31 minutes of Sagittarius, trining his South Node and Pluto Black Moon Lilith conjunction on the Midheaven in Leo. Mars in Sag in the 3rd house underscores his effort to use force in order to follow through with his belief system to risk and gamble his expansionist ambition by disrupting the territorial integrity of a neighboring country under the pretext of safety of the Russian state and its people, all in the name of maintaining his power and manipulative tactics to bend the West to his will.

South Node and Pluto on the Midheaven people are extraordinarily ambitious and hungry for power, coming from past lives of unfinished business and issues of misusing and manipulating power to gain status, authority and strength. These signatures all being in Leo further exemplify his view of himself as a king with a special destiny, where nothing can ever come in the way of him losing power or dominant control over his subjects and territory. The right of the dictator must never come under threat, and all obstacles in the way will be ruthlessly eliminated. My prayers are with the people of my native Ukraine.


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