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Our current predicament… a turning point and the upcoming battle

The solar eclipse on April 19 was the beginning of the current intense culmination period we are in. On May 5 will be the lunar eclipse; on May 16th, Jupiter moves into Taurus (for one year), and on May 21, Mars moves into Leo. This results in a grand cross in fixed signs where Juptier on the North Node squares Pluto in Aquarius and Mars in Leo, while Mars opposes Pluto. Intense!

The period from around April 19th till May 21-25 is the exacerbation of power struggles, endings and beginnings, and events taking place at a faster pace than normal. There will be economic shifts, as well as tests of leadership.

Volodymyr Natally Zelenskyy has Mars in Leo opposing his Sun in Aquarius squaring Chiron in Taurus. On May 20-21, he has a Mars return opposing Pluto and squaring Jupiter. This signifies a battle, but also a possible culmination of the turning of the tide in the Ukraine war. It is a time of escalation as well as a shift towards the end. This transit in Zelenskyy’s chart certainly poses danger for him and for Ukraine. The possibility of him being targeted personally is not out of the picture, and yet it is also a point where he could reclaim his power and prove his leadership. The events of this period will affect the global economy and reverberate throughout the global political dynamics.

The May 21st grand cross locks onto China’s Moon at 3 degrees Aquarius, and Joe Biden’s Moon at 0 degree Taurus. This period affects major global players, and will culminate in the turning of the tide in the war, shifts in political alliances, and changing of sides.

On the personal individual level, in a positive way Jupiter moving into Taurus on the North Node is a fertile time full of opportunities and expansion of resources. Jupiter in Taurus holds the promise of material abundance and economic expansion, so the markets could turn the corner. Even if it is not immediate, the seeding of the shift is here. If mismanaged Jupiter in Taurus brings waste of resources and hedonistic overindulgence.

Alignments taking place at the end of May also present a strong impetus to further individuate, leave behind groups, organizations, and friendships which no longer feel in alignment with our purpose. We may choose to separate, to go at it on our own, take charge of our own destiny, and free ourselves from perceived power struggles and confrontations. There may be personal battles testing our commitment and will. Furthermore, these alignments enhance starting our own projects, leading our own organizations, and connecting with new friends to create more heart-centered alliances and like-minded networks.

Our next significant development is on July 17 when Nodes of the Moon leave Scorio/Taurus and move into Libra/Aries. This indicates some degree of closure and clarity on the issues of personal and global resources, money, markets, interest rates, inflation and economy, while bringing opportunity for peace and agreements and a reason to stay optimistic.


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