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Lunar Eclipse May 26 2021

During the eclipse season we come to a head as the cosmic energy portals open and the flow of change is intensified. The power of the elcipses is undeniably potent and has been revered and feared since the ancient times. Today's eclipse is taking place in the signs of Gemini Sagitarius highlighting the axis of knowldge and wisdom. Gemini is the left brain, our navigation of life, our logic and and our operation to the immediate environment. Sag is our truth, our autheticity, our intuition and our right brain knowing. Jupiter, which recently entered into Pisces, squaring the nodal axis on the eclipse, which raises the questions of the meaning of our knowldge. Does what we know add up in the whole scheme of things? What we learned and what we intuit could be quite subjective, and so the quesiton becomes - What is the holistic understanding - the objective Truth as it is applied to out subjective knowing? Is how we see our world, how we understand it to work really how it is? At this time, we are increasingly being asked to come into the alignment with the Universal Truth as our own subjective perspectives, beliefs and sense of meaning is tested and reexamined. Does what we know and understand to know actually work? Logic is our conventional way of thinking at a particular time and space which now, confronted with Truth, is beyond time and space.


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