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July 23 Full Moon in Aquarius

A result of two weeks’ effort-

the fruit’s ripened.

Next two weeks,

it’s shedding, releasing, letting go.

New lunar cycle starts August 8th - the new moon.

Tonight's circumstances are about weaving the following archetypes, themes, energies.

Sun in Leo it’s each of our purpose, creative expression, investment and legacy,

Moon in Aquarius - the rationality of my emotional processing of life.

Pluto next to Moon in Capricorn opposing the Sun in Leo-

the intensity of my arrogance, self-righteousness,

corruption and hunger for power and recognition.

All crying to satisfy our healthy needs for

respect, autonomy,

integrity, interdependence,

play and nurturance.

My heart is my engine, my fire

I have a purpose, I have desire

I respect myself,

Into my own humility I delve.

I am a bursting channel,

Life and love gushes through me,

And all my shadows and self-delusions

Could detrimentally block that flow.

What shows up on my emotional radar,

I connect to it immediately,

I am not overtaken by it, I address it,

I am not suppressing, denying, neglecting or acting it out.

My capacity to get closer to what is hurting me grows,

I breathe with it,I welcome it, I cradle it if need be.

I’m getting more skillful analyzing my sensations, my heart’s gut’s textures.

I adjust appropriately as well my ability to detach however necessary.

When I feel what is, I have a choice of what to do with it.

Being either too detached or drowning it,

Does not stem a live-giving outcome.

I hold it like a child needing my support

While giving it room to fully flow through me to digest it.

Once I do, I’m stronger, wiser, more authentic and aligned.

With great respect for Maurice Fernandez and Robert Augustus Masters, whose research and work are invaluable contributions to humanity. I am deeply appreciative to these great men for their wisdom and benefaction towards my own specialization, formulation and system.


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