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July 17th - New Moon in Cancer in opposition to Pluto.

The combination of a New Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto can create a powerful and intense energy dynamic. To understand its significance, let's break it down:

  1. New Moon in Cancer: The New Moon occurs when the Moon aligns with the Sun, marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Cancer is a water sign associated with emotions, nurturing, attachments, processing digestion of life and the home. This New Moon in Cancer signifies a time of emotional renewal, setting new intentions, and focusing on personal and domestic matters.

  2. Opposing Pluto: Pluto is a transformative and intense planet associated with power, control, and deep psychological processes. When two celestial bodies oppose each other, it creates a tension or polarity between their energies. In this case, the New Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto, suggesting a clash between emotional needs and the transformative forces at play. The evolutionary purpose for this event is for the shadow of our past familial history and conditioning to be exposed in order to be transformed and feel empowered.

The opposition between the New Moon in Cancer and Pluto indicates a potential struggle between personal security and transformation. You may feel a strong urge to protect and nurture your emotional well-being and home life (Cancer), but Pluto's influence may bring about intense changes, challenges, or power struggles in these areas. It can also represent a time of digging deep into emotional issues and confronting fears or issues related to control, manipulation, or power dynamics.

However, it's important to note that the interpretation of astrological aspects depends on the individual and their unique birth chart. The specific house placements of the New Moon and Pluto, as well as other planetary aspects, can provide further insights into how this opposition may manifest for you personally. Consulting with a professional astrologer can offer a more accurate and personalized interpretation based on your birth chart.


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