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A week of intensity...

On the heels of the New Moon in Cancer widely opposing Pluto we are heading into a Mars and Moon opposition to Saturn on July 20th. This new moon seeded a cycle of experiencing our emotional attachments balanced with our insecurities. Where do we hold on too strongly and where do we feel our abandonment trauma.

Proceeding next on the menu, Mars in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces puts pressure on our professional endeavors and our health, bones and teeth in particular. This is a head on collision with authorities. Here, there is a climax of our questions regarding our professional contribution and whether they are bringing us results, acknowledgement and validation.

Those in the position of authority may feel challenged and their credibility questioned, while others may feel the urge to confront the authorities and the structural foundation of the systems they belong to. Collectively, there is a feeling of unease and a yearning of wanting change in professional aspects as well as global hierarchical matrix. Crisis at the workplace is possible. While extra attention needs to be paid to health and avoidance of injury and over exertion, since Mars Saturn oppose each other in Virgo Pisces.

The experience of tension is augmented since the moon is involved in the conjunction with Mars, intensifying our emotional involvement, bringing confrontation and anger. The stress of the week may make us feel edgy, irritable, and restless, as if we are caged in by the forces beyond us. This time calls for extra tenderness with ourselves, patience and proper stress management.

On the positive note, when used productively the evolutionary purpose of this powerful alignment can bring positive change and quitting what no longer serves us going beyond what was holding us back before. So if channeled well the energy we are feeling proactive and change oriented resulting in positive breakthroughs at the workplace or on a professional front. Skillfulness and critical thinking are required to not push too hard and manage well the effort applied.

A day later the Sun is in opposition to Pluto, both in a square to the nodes at 29 degrees, creating a grand cross in cardinal signs. This is also quite sharp and unsettling if we feel that our life’s purpose, our children and our creative endeavors are off track. So the level of intensity is raised, and our sense of purpose and identity is calling for a deeper look beneath the surface at what is truly meaningful and worth our investment.

July 23 as the Sun moves into Leo, reigniting our sense of purpose and creativity in accomplishing it as we reemerge from the intensity of few days, while Venus goes retrograde, beginning a new period of reevaluation of our values and relationships.


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