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August 1st SuperMoon

The Full Moon on August 1st at 9 degrees 15 minutes in Aquarius is one of four SuperMoons this year. Supermoon refers to the time when the moon is much closer to the Earth than usual, therefore having a more significant effect on us and our planet.

The term full moon refers to the time when the Sun and the Moon are in 180 degree opposition from each other when viewed from Earth. The opposition is a time of polarization of two archetypes on the same axis, in this case the Aquarius Leo - two signs of the zodiac opposing, complimenting and balancing each other. As with any opposition this can be a time of fruition, climax and breakthrough or a time of crisis, rupture and breakdown.

The shadow side of this Full Moon could be expressed as arrogance, self-involvement, and selfishness or as exaggerated detachment, heartless logic and criticism.

The evolutionary purpose of this Full Moon is to align our hearts with our minds, to promote our personal purpose in cooperation with and for the benefit of the community we are a part of, it is a round table of equals where everyone's voice is heard and appreciated, where we express ourselves from a place of love and reason intimately intertwined as one. A true symbiosis of personal and collective creativity and expression. It is the ideal of Love and Friendship acting as one.


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