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Another misaligned, corrupt politician exposed.

Senator Menendez, who has defeated prosecutors and political challengers, faces his sternest test yet in his federal indictment in Manhattan.

Natal Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio squaring Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and North node in Capricorn indicate a public authority figure with a karmic history of severe misalignment. Pluto passing over his Capricorn planets in the recent past has gradually eroded his reputation and presented many challenges in and out of the public eye.

Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio severe insecurity, challenges while planets in Capricorn show strength, ambition, resilience and hunger for status and power.

Nodal Axis conjuncting his Natal Neptune at 25 degrees finally exposes to the public his corruption, bribery and shady financial dealings, for all to see out in the open.


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