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Personal Coaching - Shadow Work

  • 55 min
  • 175 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Our shadow is an internal storage for anything in us we’ve disowned or rejected, or are otherwise keeping in the dark—things such as anger, shame, empathy, vulnerability, and unresolved wounding. Everyone has a shadow, but not everyone knows their shadow. And the degree to which we don’t know our shadow is the degree to which it influences, controls, and runs us. Our shadow continues to impact everything that we do until we cease to distract ourselves from it. When we turn towards our shadow, and explore and work with what we find there, we start to break free from the hidden forces that have been secretly controlling, driving, and binding us. In uncovering our shadow there is also a benefit of striking the gold, rediscovering the positive, the talents, the vulnerability, the self-love; as well as other healthy behaviors and expressions which have been submerged in order to cope with previous difficult circumstances. Finding our resolve, courage, and compassion, we consciously undertake the act of edging into our darkness and unexplored territories. By doing so we reclaim everything that we are and all that we are meant to be. We can wait for the crisis to prompt us to grow or we can choose our personal evolution as an act of proactive empowerment of tapping into our own core life source. My approach is to bring light to your journey in an effective and appropriate way, as we consider past themes, early child conditioning which may unconsciously affect current dynamics in your life. Your personal astrological chart helps identify your evolutionary journey, which in turn sheds light upon your shadow. The birth chart holds the sacred information of your talents and strengths and provides the basis for understanding your life's meaning and purpose. Talents and healthy capacities are awakened and ignited to help actualize your purpose, contribute to your personal culture, and fulfill your Divine potential.

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